HOW SILVER NITRATE IS MADE (technical) 3 Ag(s) + 4HNO3(aq) → 3 AgNO3(aq) + 2 H2O(l) + NO(g)
  Silver metal from assay samples

The Sources:

From scrap pieces of sterling and coin silver
  From silver salts and compounds

1 The metals are dissolved in nitric acid then neutralized with pure silver metal.  
2 Crystals of silver nitrate are separated from the liquid  
3 The crystals are cleaned off with acid or rinsing solvent  
4 The crystals are dissolved again and the solution is filtered, the filtrate is re-crystallized.*  
5 The now white crystals are rinsed in a rinsing solvent (this removes impurities, neutralizes, aids in drying and anti-caking)  
6 The now purified silver nitrate is quick dried and stored for packaging  
* the crystals are graded; if not pass, steps 3 & 4 are repeated until considered a high-grade reagent.

Pure Silver is generally supplied in ingots containing 999 parts to 1000, and are sold by the troy ounce also called bullion the troy-ounce weights of silver may come in coin form called 'rounds'  Many world governments produce 'rounds' of various sizes. Sterling silver is an alloy containing 92.5% silver and a balance of mainly copper.  Sterling silver is common for ornamental use for example jewelry, flatware and sculpture. Coin silver is commonly 90.0% silver with a balance copper.   Monetary coins and flatware can also come in lower silver content alloys ranging from 88% down to as little as 10%.

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Our process for purifying silver nitrate is considered the best.  Not only is the metal basis generally more than 99.999% but also care is taken to reduce chloride and organic material in the final product.

Silver metal can be extracted from the nitrate fairly easy.  Silver nitrate itself is not photo or light-sensitive. Silver nitrate when allowed to sit in open air will be reduced not by the air, but by trace components of air such as sulfur-dioxide, and halogens.  Silver nitrate will be reduced  by many organic substances, and yes - the skin! That means dark spots; stains will appear on the skin, clothing, wood, and just about anything in open air and light.  Silver metal will be formed by a mixture of sugar and silver nitrate, this is a highly exothermic reaction.  Another is using any organic reducing agents in water.  Warning, certain reactions take place with explosive-like results, and any reduction reaction involving silver nitrate should be done in water. The easiest way to make silver is to use pure copper, and place in a silver nitrate solution, this is a substitution type reaction, where copper nitrate solution will be formed.  Another reaction is the caustic syrup, where the silver nitrate in solution is mixed with a solution of dissolved sugar and sodium hydroxide.  This reaction avoids the other trans-metals, and forms cement-silver, a silver powder that is mossy in appearance and similar to cement mix.
SILVER OXIDE ~ CAS 20667-12-3 - (MSDS)
Silver Oxide or Silver (I) Oxide is made from silver nitrate solution, it is a fine talc-like dark black-brown powder. ( Silver (I) Oxide or Ag2O is what offered on this site)  Our high grade silver oxide takes one week to transform from the nitrate.  Silver Oxide sold by other suppliers is very expensive...generally 3 to 5 times our price.  We have a proprietary silver oxide drying technique which allows us to create a from-start-to-finish product in less than one week. In drying we use a high velocity centrifuge which also pressure washes the oxide.  We also use exact titration which ensures you get high quality with the most neutral pH and the elimination of production byproducts.  Silver Oxide is at least 99.9% metal basis, is 93.1% silver by mass. Silver oxide is a less corrosive alternative to silver nitrate in glass making and glazing, but it readily attacks metal surfaces including aluminum and stainless steel.
We produce metallic silver powders in both low and high density.  Low density has an average tap density of 2.5.  Our high density can range from 4 to 5.5 g/cc. The standard HD (high density) silver powder is suitable for lower shrinkage fire sintering.  In the high density, we also produce a Micro-Flake >2micron and Nano-Flake <500nano silver powders.  The Micro and Nano Flake powders are suitable for special projects such as property tests and making conductive pastes and inks.   Both the Low Density and Nano Flake silver powders are ordered by request in 50 gram lots.
MCP silver999 v3.5 METAL CLAY POWDER
This product contains a HDB (high density blend) silver powder.  The binder is made up of special sugars and starch which when mixed water become long chain starch molecules able to hold silver particles in place while also providing some flex even when dry.  The metal clay powder is at minimum 95% Silver with a grade of at least 99.9% silver metal fineness.   This version of the product is supplied homogenously. Water must be applied to activate its properties for use. Water in addition to soap and or glue can be added to alter the workability property of the clay. See for more information.
Non-selective GOLD Powder
Since we are active buyers of precious metals we do encounter gold quite often.  For gold alloys if the gold purity is over 25% we dilute the alloy with silver then treat the mix with acid to attain back the silver. A gold powder sponge is then left behind; which is further purified further without dissolution. By request, we can provide gold metal powder.
Pure Silver Crystals
Pure silver crystals or crystalline silver nuggets are formed under a controlled environment.  A pure silver containing electrolyte and pure silver ingot are used to grow the crystals of silver on the aluminum cathodes.  After an elapsed time the the ingot diminishes in mass and the crystals grow with integrity.  The only the largest crystals are collected which are generally 2 to 10 percent of all crystal growth.  The electrolyte generally turns to a light hint of blue because the silver ingots used are only 999+ fine.   The silver crystals and the dendrites at this point is better than .99999 fine silver.
SILVERNITRATE.ORGs laboratory is leaving little impact.  As recyclers of many metals we strive to recover everything with leaving nearly any waste.  Currently from our laboratory operations the only waste product emitted is rust water.  We are aware of the impact of heavy metals like silver and copper have on the environment and we make sure neither are released.  Nitrogen dioxide aka NOx compounds are scrubbed with dry soda and even that spent soda compounds is in return used as part of our refining procedure. The laboratory its self is operational on just 1kW/h per shift!
WARNINGS Overview (silver compounds)
Silver nitrate is a chemical reagent and is considered mildly a heavy metal.
Silver nitrate is a poisonous substance. Avoid dusts, and heating.
Silver nitrate will stain about anything it comes in contact with; stains will darken under light.
99% of laboratory uses for silver nitrate is for a silver nitrate solution, silver nitrate + water.
Silver nitrate should never be mixed with or allowed contact to: ammonia, ethyl-alcohol, organic-acids, organic-gases.
When handling silver nitrate, always wear resistant gloves, protective clothing, and face shielding.
Silver Nitrate is an environmental pollutant in that it ceases microbial growth in septic and waste water treatment facilities.
Waste silver nitrate should not be discarded down a drain, recycle if possible, or mix with table salt and water before emptying into a drain.
Store in a dark, damp-free, cool area.
Read MSDS for more information~any user should have a knowledgeable understanding and experience handling silver nitrate or any lab-chemical.
Silver Oxide is a less-corrosive alternative to silver nitrate in most applications requiring solid product, however it should be treated like silver nitrate.
Silver oxide will stain much like the nitrate. Avoid inhaling dusts.
Never allow silver oxide to come in contact with ammonia. 


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