Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping and Handling

  • How do you manage to offer 'Free Shipping' ? ~ Small amounts of substances of minimal hazardousness can be shipped without additional special handling charges.
  • Why is my order marked part one of two? ~ Generally larger orders specifically silver nitrate over 3 kilos may be broken into multiple shipments as there is regulation on how much material one container (package) can be shipped at any one time.  Also as products are made in rather small quantities at a time, orders of more than one container can also come in two shipments.
  • Can you ship outside USA? ~ Only silver powder in the 50g sizes and MCP silver clay may be shipped to foreign nations. 
  • For the time being silver nitrate or silver oxide (all silver salts) cannot ship to foreign... However Canada addresses may, thru our confirmation.
  • Is shipping free to a foreign address? ~ No, (MCP silver clay and silver powder) shipping is $32 no matter the quantity. Since 2014 all international shipments are global priority. Though a more costly option its generally the safest but not necessarily guaranteed quickest method.
  • What if I want expedited shipping international? ~ Click on the flashing 'world map' to pay the flat $32 charge for 'Global Priority' shipping. ~NOTE~ some nations even this 'Global Priority' has been known to take past 6 weeks delivery.
  • What if I want Next Day shipping domestic? ~ Must call one of our phone numbers, The minimum charge is $45
  • Can I have my order without the printed label? ~ Yes but must be specified by email.
  • What are custom sizes? ~ Any of our products excluding MCP can be custom sized e.g. 325g of Ag2O; however there is a $25 handling charge.
  • How is the custom size charged? ~ Based on the per gram price of the lower tier plus $25 e.g 750g AgNO3  (if 1lb is $455) then $750+$25 or $775 in a single container.
  • Is the container / bottle made of inert product? ~ Yes we ship in Nalgene i-Chem certified HDPE dark amber bottles considered industry's best.
  • As of now the largest container we ship is 500ml in volume or able to hold 1kg of silver nitrate. 
  • What are the container (bottle) charges? ~ 30ml:$2, 125ml:$3, 250ml$4, 500ml:$5
  • Container sales? ~ We only sell containers with product.  e.g. if 250g of silver nitrate is needed in 10 30ml containers, the charge will be (2 x the 125g silver nitrate price of $125 for example) +10x$2 (bottle charge) + $25 for a total of $295.00

    Questions reguarding MCP SILVER999

  • I would like to become a distributor or wholesaler of your products, How do I go about that? ~ At this time we are not open to independent distributors of MCP products, We do however offer a special pricing on 10 pack lots and bulk lots.
  • Does the silver powder in metal clay powder the exact same as silver metal powder? ~ Not exactly. The silver metal powder is produced in single batches and special attention is paid to consistency. MCP silver clay powders are a mixture of differently produced powders with special attention on sintering shrinkage.
  • Are there discounts for bulk ordering? ~ Yes. Generally 500 grams or more in retail packages or in bulk container can qualify for 10%-15% savings. The discount must be requested beforehand and the invoice must be paid within 24 hours if by Paypal.
  • What are the shrinkage for sintered silver metal powder and MCP silver clay? ~ The latest version i.e. v3.5 exhibit a wider temperature range sintering.  13% shrinkage upon firing (up to 2% on drying). Recommended firing hold temperature is 1550F for 60 minutes.

    ...about Payments and Return Items

  • We use Paypal as our merchant. We SILVERNITRATE.ORG never see your credit card or account number. Paypal also accepts checks too.
  • Qualified Paypal users may be eligible for a flex-pay plan in which the purchaser make low interest monthly payments thru a program now called PayPal Credit.
  • How do I pay for a custom order? ~ Once you have contacted us about your order, we will send you an invoice to your email from Paypal.  We ask that you pay the invoice as soon as possible because it will void after 24 hours at which revised invoice must be requested.
  • Do I get a full refund for a return item? ~ Only for the first item of MCP and must be still sealed in original wrapping.
  • What are the fees for return items? ~ $7 + $2 per container for returned items. Any $25 custom size charge will not be refunded.   No return fee for the first MCP silver clay product, $2 for each additional MCP or other item.  International shipping fees are not refundable.  Items past forty-five (45) calendar days of the date the order was placed will be charged an extra 3% in addition to Paypal fees. 
  • Will you buy back Silver Nitrate? ~ Yes since SILVERNITRATE.ORG is a refiner of precious metals, we will buy just about any silver salt that is greater than 50% molecular weight.  We will also buy any silver scrap including sterling silver, silver coins, bullion, silver clay wastes, as well as items of gold.
  • How long will it take until I receive payment for my scrap? ~ Depending on what is received, simple sterling and coins within a day or two, where as clay scraps and salts within 3 to 6 weeks.
  • How will I get paid for my scrap? ~ Most of the time we pay out via Paypal, however a Chase Bank check by mail would be sent out on payments over $2000.
  • Where are you located? ~ in Chicago Illinois. 
  • Thesetmaster Fulfillment LLC handles orders on SILVERNITRATE.ORG. The address is P.O.Box 437128 Chicago, IL 60643.  This address is used for all shipping returns.


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