This is Pure Silver Nitrate at minimum 99.99% metal basis (99%+ purity)  and have a pure white crystalline appearance.  Always made in single batches and is supplied bone dry.
silver nitrate A recent analysis showed this product being over 99.995% metal basis.
All product in Nalgene amber plastic bottles as supplied.  Silver Nitrate products are 'shrink wrapped'  The best way to open the 'shrink wrapped' bottles is to simply unscrew the top off while still wrapped, and discard that which covers the cap.


The One Kilo or 1000 grams size of silver nitrate.

1 kilogram = 2.2lbs.
 We recycle and reclaim silver.  No longer we source from the silver mines.  Most of our silver comes from old jewelry, medals and ingots, flatware and electronic contacts. Sterling Silver, or jewelry silver as well as coin silver is made directly into silver nitrate.  This silver has a purity not over 92.5% silver, the other is generally copper.
Since we refine gold and silver is a major component in our gold refining process, many times we reclaim gold from gold-plated jewelry.

We refine or separate the gold from the other metals. That goes for solid gold jewelry as well.  
The typical brown color of precipitated silver metal



precipitated silver metal  
After our attrition and purification processes, the silver is dried and density measured.

We have a dark and light silver based on the process.  



high density silver powder

By default the HDL (high density light) available in 50g is shipped.

HDL is a dry powder with 5g/cc tap density.

Micro Flake & Nano Flake Fine Silver Powders

Suitable for conductive pastes and inks.

By default Micro Flake available in 50g is shipped.

Upon request Nano Flake is available in 50g.

Tap density: 3-3.5g/cc


Pure gold crystalline powder

Quarted out and purified then grounded gold
Silver dendrites, or crystalline silver nuggets.  We grow these in our lab during spare time.  
Silver Oxide (Ag2 O) powder. Diameter of the contents of this photo is about 5". This is an ultra fine powder. Actual product is made lighter for photographing

Silver (I) Oxide is useful in applications where a very low water soluble silver salt is needed but is more dependent on pH levels.


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